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Securus Technologies® is the largest inmate communications provider in the country. They have contracts as the official phone provider in many facilities around the country. Depending on whether your location is local or not to your inmate’s facility, the cost of an inmate call can vary widely. If they are the provider of phone services at your inmate’s facility, then you MUST do business with Securus® if you want to have phone calls with your inmate.

InmateAID is in NOT affiliated with Securus Tech® in any way. InmateAID offers a discount telephone service that can often provide you with a lower cost of inmate calls. InmateAID does not replace the phone service that Securus® provides. Our add-on service makes the cost of the calls cheaper by providing you with the right phone number to match their lowest rate. To receive inmate calls, you will still have to place funds on your Securus® account. The only difference is that your inmate will dial the new number that we provide. The call will ring on your existing number, and you’ll pay a lower cost per call. The savings realized on the calls more than covers the cost of our monthly service.

For example, if your inmate is located in the facility at Ingham County Michigan, Securus® charges $0.21/minute for an out of State or long-distance call. Therefore, a 15-minute call will cost you $3.15.  If you are able to receive a local call from the same facility, Securus® charges $12.27 for the same 15-minute call. By having an out of State phone number, you will save $9.12 for every 15-minute call you receive from your inmate. If you talk only once per day, an out of State phone number will cost save you $273.60 over a 30-day period. In this example, InmateAID will provide you with an out of State phone number that your inmate will dial and the call will ring on your current cell or home phone. The only difference is that now you can talk longer for a lot less money. You can verify the cost of the call from Securus® by visiting their website and clicking on the “Rate Quote” under the heading “Phone Services”.  

If you are interested in signing up for our discount phone service, please click on the link below:

How do I put money on my inmate's phone account at the prison AND get the savings?

Click on the MoneyGram link and ​select SECURUS PHONE ACCOUNTS (9819) - add your inmate's name and ID number ONLY using the InmateAid number we provided. Each call will be at the deeply discounted rate.



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Prison phone companies are NOT allowed to BLOCK individuals from utilizing services like InmateAID's discount phone service. The FCC has sternly ruled against prison phone companies in their attempts to block local lines.

Here is the FCC press release describing the action that was taken and how families are allowed to utilize services like InmateAID's discount phone service to lower inmate telephone calling costs.