ADOC-Childersburg Work Release

Custody/Security Info

The CWR, situated in Childersburg, AL, serves as a vital re-entry facility in collaboration with the Alabama Department of Corrections, focusing on integrating soon-to-be-released inmates back into society and the workforce. This facility operates with a minimum security approach, particularly catering to inmates who are part of a work release program. In this setting, inmates are transported to external "day jobs" and return to the facility in the evenings. This structure signifies a significant step towards their reintegration into society, with many individuals viewing this as their final transition before regaining their freedom. The facility comprises non-secure dormitories, where inmates are bed-checked and counted at night by correctional officers. These dormitories feature group toilets and shower areas adjacent to sleeping quarters equipped with double bunks and lockers. Notably, the facility operates on an honor system, lacking the traditional securing fence found in higher-security facilities. This setup reflects a lower level of supervision and control over inmate activities within the dormitories and the facility as a whole. However, it's important to note that inmates assigned to this facility typically pose the least risk to public safety. They are entrusted with working in the general public at approved jobs, further emphasizing the facility's focus on facilitating successful reintegration and minimizing risks associated with incarceration.

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Facility Type

The CWR, located at 13501 Plant Rd in Childersburg, AL, is a privately owned Community Release facility dedicated to a resident's successful transition from incarceration into society. Emphasizing the importance of reentry the center focuses on personal development, employment, education, treatment services, family support, and community engagement to give the resident the tools that foster hope and promise for a clean-living future.