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Anchorage Pretrial Office

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Anchorage Pretrial Office Pretrial Services are functions performed by the PRISON_STATE Court before committing a person to trial. It involves screening services and investigation which may lead to community supervision that takes place after a person has been charged and arrested with a AK state crime.

Under general supervision, to interview detainees to gather and analyze background information; make recommendations to the Court concerning bail adjustments and "own recognizance" releases; and performs other duties as required. Review detention housing files on all inmates brought into custody to determine those eligible for the possibility of release and place those files in priority order; interview detainees in a locked facility covering areas such as residence, ties to the community and employment; verify information obtained in interviews; conduct background checks; gather and review criminal history records; obtain information from a variety of sources such as judges, victims, employers, families and friends of detainees, Probation, Parole, and Mental Health; act as a liaison with records personnel, judges, court staff and other criminal justice and social service agencies; evaluate information, prepare reports, and make recommendations to the Court concerning bail adjustments and conditions for release; appear in court as required to provide information and testimony; maintain files and records regarding case disposition; monitor the status of released persons and investigate the whereabouts of defendants who fail to appear in court; prepare correspondence and paper work such as agreements to appear, reminder letters, bail enhancement forms; compile statistics; answer inquiries from the public, court and detention personnel regarding detainee's status; and enter and access computerized information.