Big Spring Correctional Institution - GEO

Custody/Security Info

Big Spring Correctional Institution - GEO located at 1701 Apron Dr in Big Spring, TX and is a medium security federal prisons, which are also known as Federal Correctional Institutions (FCIs). Medium FCIs house approximately 30% of the federal prison population. They have securable multi-person cells, triple-fenced perimeters with electronic detection systems, controlled movement within the prison, and a higher inmate-to-staff ratio than low-security federal prisons. All aspects of monitoring are enhanced and include indoor and outdoor video surveillance.

At CI Big Spring, the lingering possibility of violence varies among medium-security federal prisons, but it depends on the culture of the individual facility. Although gangs are present throughout the system, it is not an epidemic. Incidents of all levels of disciplinary misconduct are common at these facilities. Inmates must have less than 30 years remaining on their sentence to be eligible for placement at a medium security federal prison, although inmates serving longer sentences can be housed at this security level if they are granted a management variable.

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Facility Type

Big Spring Correctional Institution - GEO is detention facility owned by private prison company to handle the intake, and housing of offenders for the Howard County Sheriff, the State of Texas, Bureau of Prisons, the US Marshal Service and Immigration (ICE). This regional operation is structured to implement superior quality controls to the standards set by the jurisdiction whose inmates are being held. The correctional facility offers a full complement of high-quality services, including secure custody services, academic and vocational programming, secure transportation service, correctional health, and mental health care.

The main benefit of the contracting of prisons to private operators is that it can save money. The end goal is to house prisoners in an attempt to rehabilitate them or remove them from the streets. The corporation's end goal is to profit from anything they deal in. In order to make money as a private prison, they receive a stipend from the government.