CDCR - Delano Community Correctional Facility (DCCF)

Custody/Security Info

CDCR - Delano Community Correctional Facility (DCCF) is a minimum security state prison located at 2727 W Industry Way PO Box 1060 in Delano, CA operated by the California Department of Corrections. This institution is considered the best situation to be in if you have to be incarcerated. Inmates assigned to minimum security prisons generally pose the least risk to public safety. Inmates live in dormitories on a campus that resembles a school more than a prison. Inmates must have less than 8 years on their sentence, be non-violent with a clear disciplinary history to qualify for minimum designation. There is much less supervision of inmate movement within the prison than at any other custody level.

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Facility Type

The CDCR - Delano Community Correctional Facility (DCCF) located at 2727 W Industry Way PO Box 1060 supervises offenders on probation/parole supervision for numerous types of offenses, with a primary focus of facilitating community safety and working with offenders to rehabilitate their behavior and reintegrate into the community. The Delano office also has specialized caseloads/units that address the special supervision needs of sex offender and mentally ill offenders. The Delano office continues to research and implement new and more innovative programming/interventions that will help to be even more productive in carrying out the mission of California Probation and Parole.