As a minimum security facility, East Baton Rouge Work Release has dormitory housing. The prisoners are classed as low level risk, and East Baton Rouge Work Release has no perimeter fencing and a low staff-to-inmate ratio. To assist inmates in their rehabilitation, East Baton Rouge Work Release has many work programs which enable inmates to work in local institutions.

East Baton Rouge Work Release is a County Jail used by the jurisdictions of East Baton Rouge Parish to confine inmates for short periods while awaiting trial or processing. As inmates are staying for only a short period, it has fewer amenities than a jail or prison. Inmates do, however, have access to bathroom facilities and are provided with meals during their stay. East Baton Rouge Work Release may also have a common area in which inmates can socialize.

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Physical Location

2867 General Isaac Smith Avenue
Scottlandville, LA 70807

Contact Info

225-248-6334 (Fax)

Extra Information

Inmate Calling Solutions (ICSolutions)

Inmates may also buy calling cards at the commissary