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El Pueblo Boys & Girls Ranch - CLOSED

State - CLOSED

Last Updated: June 21, 2019
1 El Pueblo Ranch Way, Pueblo, CO 81006

The El Pueblo Boys & Girls Ranch - CLOSED is now permanently closed. Please scroll to Nearby Prisons and Jails for alternatives or check back to the Prison and Jail Directory to perform a new search

As part of a settlement agreement, El Pueblo Boys and Girls Ranch surrendered its license permanently.

The revocation agreement signed by El Pueblo Boys and Girls Ranch Board Chair Josh Wilcoxson back on Oct. 13. The Colorado Department of Human Services signed off on the settlement Oct. 31.

El Pueblo released the following statement following News5's reporting on the license revocation agreement:

El Pueblo, An Adolescent Treatment Community, reiterates its denial of all allegations made by the Colorado Department of Human Services (the “Department”) in connection with the summary suspension of El Pueblo’s license. El Pueblo specifically denies that it failed to provide a safe environment for children or otherwise failed to comply with the Department’s standards. The Department’s allegations were just that—allegations that were not based on a full and objective investigation. Rather, the State’s investigation was incomplete, inconsistent, and inconclusive, and that and the State’s distribution of information to the press unfortunately led to a number of incorrect and one-sided media accounts regarding the situation.

Even though El Pueblo believes it could demonstrate that the Department’s allegations are baseless and its suspension action unwarranted, El Pueblo’s Board of Directors and leadership has decided to not waste its resources by challenging the Department’s actions, and will instead close El Pueblo because the damage already caused by the unsubstantiated allegations is irreversible. Further, El Pueblo does not want to stand in the way of progress or the changing times. The State of Colorado and the medical community at large now prefer to treat youth with severe emotional and behavioral problems in therapeutic foster care instead of residential care, creating challenges for the service model provided by El Pueblo.

El Pueblo’s Board of Directors and leadership are grateful to the staff who dedicated themselves tirelessly to serving the youth receiving treatment at the facility. The staff received notice of the facility closure as early as September 29, 2017, and many have already moved on to other opportunities. El Pueblo’s Board of Directors and leadership are confident these individuals will continue to make a positive difference in this community.

In the coming weeks, El Pueblo’s Board of Directors plans to issue a request for proposal (RFP) that seeks to transition its assets and facilities to another non-profit organization, with the goal being to utilize the El Pueblo facilities and assets to serve the Pueblo Community and others who can benefit from the foundation built by El Pueblo over the past several decades.

“We know that something good will come out of this situation, and, in addition to taking pride in the many children’s lives that were positively changed during their time at El Pueblo, we look forward to collaborating with the State and other interested agencies to explore exciting new ideas, options, and services that may be provided using El Pueblo’s assets and facilities –that will be a key component of El Pueblo’s legacy,” said board president Joshua Wilcoxson. “We are grateful to the staff, volunteers and donors who supported this organization and facilitated its many successes over the past 57 years.”

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