Gallatin County Re-Entry Program (GCRP)

Custody/Security Info

The GCRP is classed as a residential reentry center (RRC), also known as a halfway house, located in Bozeman, MT. This housing unit assists inmates who are nearing release in their final 3-12 months depending on the length of their original sentence. There is no security level other than voluntary compliance but there is a strict adherence to the rules of the house. Residents of the RRC submit to random drug and alcohol testing, sometimes daily. The RRC is a structured, supervised environment, as well as employment counseling, job placement, financial management assistance, and other programs and services until the inmate is officially released from custody - the food is a lot better too. Inmates are allowed to leave the RRC to go to work, shop for clothing or food, and go to religious services. Inmates in the RRC may become eligible for house-arrest or home detention with a monitoring bracelet.

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Facility Type

The County Jail, operated by the Sheriff's Office of Gallatin County, serves as a detention facility for individuals awaiting trial or processing. Typically, inmates housed here stay for less than one year, resulting in fewer amenities compared to larger jails or prisons. However, inmates do have access to limited recreation, a library, telephones, bathroom facilities, and three meals a day. The jail utilizes an inmate search feature for locating detainees.

Many detainees are brought to jail daily, with a significant number arriving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, suffering from injuries related to their arrest, or dealing with mental illness. Some may remain in the facility for less than a day or only a few days until their release in a court proceeding, provided they meet financial requirements. These offenders may be released to a pretrial services caseload, supervised by the probation office, or on their recognizance, which is an agreement to attend all court appearances.

Individuals who do not post bail within the first twenty-four hours are required to appear before a judge. During this first appearance, conducted either in person or via telephone, the judge informs the arrested person of the charges against them and sets the bond amount.

Following the intake process, which includes property inventory, medical screening, and booking, inmates are assigned to the general population. Housing assignments are based on the classification of their charges, whether felony or misdemeanor, to ensure proper management and safety within the facility.

The jail is designed with "pods," featuring a large common area with affixed tables and attached seats, and individual cells typically on two levels. Inmates spend certain times in their cells and other times congregating in the pod for activities like playing cards, games, reading, or watching television. Movement outside the pod, such as trips to the commissary, library, or recreation area, occurs under the constant supervision of unarmed correctional officers.