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Weld County
State Prison

Platte Valley Youth Services Center is a low security correctional facility. Inmates are housed together in dormitories or cubicle housing. They are provided with access to programs and training that will help to rehabilitate them so that they’re ready to get their lives back on track when released. As a low security facility, Platte Valley Youth Services Center has a lower staff to inmate ratio than medium or high security jails.

Platte Valley Youth Services Center is a state prison. This facility is operated by the state of Colorado and is used to house and rehabilitate criminals. Inmates at Platte Valley Youth Services Center are generally housed in locked cells during the night and are provided certain privileges such as the use of a recreation area, TV, phones and in some cases may have a job within the prison. Use the inmate search feature to find an inmate here.

Facility Details

2200 "O" Street
Greeley , CO 80631
Extra Information
This facility is for juvenile inmates.

The Division of Youth Corrections is responsible for the operation of Colorado’s juvenile detention “continuum”. The continuum consists of community based screening to determine detention needs, community supervision strategies, and secure detention in facilities operated by or contracting with the Division of Youth Corrections. In Colorado, detention serves two purposes:

  1. To ensure that a youth accused of a delinquency appears for hearings ordered by the court; and,
  2. To sentence adjudicated youth for a period of up to 45 days as a sanction by the court.
The detention continuum begins with screening and assessment services for any youth referred for detention admission. The screening process is managed by each of the state’s 22 judicial districts and is designed to determine the most appropriate setting for each youth. In most cases, youth screened will be served and monitored through non-secure, community-based services such as day reporting, electronic home monitoring, and/or enhanced community supervision. For those youth whom the screen reveals has the potential to run, is a risk to others, or otherwise is likely to violate conditions of community supervision, he/she can be detained in one of the eight secure juvenile detention facilities operated by the Division of Youth Corrections, or three staff-secure/secure detention facilities operated by community-based providers. These facilities are strategically located around the state to provide detention services for all 64 counties.

All youth detained or placed under supervision programs in the community receive a hearing before a magistrate within 48 hours. For those held in secure detention, a decision is made whether the youth will be sent home on a community supervision and treatment plan or if further detention is warranted.