TDCJ - Hospital Galveston Medical Facility (HG)

Custody/Security Info

The TDCJ - Hospital Galveston Medical Facility (HG) located in Galveston, TX and is classified as low-security prison within the Texas Department of Corrections system. It is comprised of secure dormitories that provide housing for up to 50 inmates each. Each dormitory contains a group toilet and shower area as well as sinks. Inmates sleep in a military-style double bunk and have an adjacent metal locker for storage of uniforms, undergarments, shoes, etc. Each dormitory is locked at night with a correctional officer (CO) providing direct supervision of the inmates and the sleeping area. Inmates held at this custody level may still pose a lower risk to security than medium, but they have demonstrated a willingness to comply with institutional rules and regulations.

The prison usually has a double fence perimeter with armed roving patrols. There are less supervision and control over the internal movement of inmates than in a close security prison. Selected low custody inmates are worked outside of the prison under armed supervision of trained COs. These inmate work assignments support prison farm operations or highway maintenance for the Texas Department of Transportation. Each low-security prison typically has a single cell unit for the punishment of inmates who violate prison rules called the SHU or "the hole".

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Facility Type

The TDCJ - Hospital Galveston Medical Facility (HG) is a psychiatric inpatient facility and is a component of the Texas Division of Corrections. The Hospital's mission is to provide psychiatric services that promote recovery in a safe and caring environment. The hospital has individual specialized units and over 200 patient beds in three service areas: General Adult, Forensic, and Adolescent.

General Adult Service

The General Adult Service area is comprised of three, 30-bed units for persons 18 years of age and older. To be admitted to this area an individual must first be screened at one of the dozens of community mental health centers (CMHCs) located across the state. The screening for appropriate admission is based on continuity of care and treatment which provides the least restrictive setting. Each CMHC offers an array of services from brief intervention therapies to long-term community support services. The CMHCs offer 24-hour emergency care. If more restrictive care is needed a local hospital or crisis unit, may be contacted. It is the philosophy of DBHS that responsibility, authority, and accountability for client services should be at the local level.

Forensic Service

The Forensic Service area is comprised of four 24-bed adult units whose mission is to assess and treat individuals with mental illness who have allegedly committed a crime and to consult with the Court of Record and Law Enforcement. All persons treated on Forensic Services have been court-ordered for either an evaluation or treatment secondary to the legal charges they have received.

Adolescent Service

The Adolescent Service area is comprised of two units: an 18-bed co-educational program for adolescents 13 to 17 years of age who need acute or residential psychiatric care and an 18-bed program for adolescent males 13-17 years of age who have committed a sexual offense. Patients may be referred by local CMHCs, other divisions of the Department of Human Services, private treatment providers, or the juvenile courts.

Education and Training

The Hospital is committed to the education of mental health providers and serves as a training site for nursing, medical, social work, and psychology students and trainees. Many members of our clinical staff serve on the faculties of the local universities. Nursing students from several local schools spend clinical time at The Hospital, and University of Texas social work graduate students participate in clinical internships. The Hospital has a Psychology Pre-Doctoral Internship Program and a Forensic Psychology Postdoctoral Fellowship Program. The Hospital is a clinical site for UAMS's General, Child, and Adolescent Psychiatry Residencies, and is the primary clinical site for the UAMS Forensic Psychiatry Fellowship Program.

Division of Behavioral Health Services

The Division of Behavioral Health Services is responsible for ensuring the provision of public behavioral health services, including mental health and substance abuse prevention, treatment, and recovery services throughout the State of Texas. The Division supports, certifies, licenses, and funds behavioral health providers throughout the state. In addition, the Division of Behavioral Health Service operates two behavioral health institutions -- the Texas State Hospital located in Galveston and the TX Health Center.