WA DOC - Bellingham Reentry Center

Custody/Security Info

The Bellingham Work Release is classed as a residential reentry center (RRC), also known as a halfway house, located in Bellingham, WA. This housing unit assists inmates who are nearing release in their final 3-12 months depending on the length of their original sentence. There is no security level other than voluntary compliance but there is a strict adherence to the rules of the house. Residents of the RRC submit to random drug and alcohol testing, sometimes daily. The RRC is a structured, supervised environment, as well as employment counseling, job placement, financial management assistance, and other programs and services until the inmate is officially released from custody - the food is a lot better too. Inmates are allowed to leave the RRC to go to work, shop for clothing or food, and go to religious services. Inmates in the RRC may become eligible for house-arrest or home detention with a monitoring bracelet.

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Facility Type

State Prison Work Release initiatives yield proven benefits, including increased post-release employment opportunities, expedited job acquisition, higher post-release earnings, and reduced recidivism rates among participants. Bellingham Work Release is committed to empowering inmates with the skills and opportunities needed for successful reintegration into society. Participants typically exhibit good behavior and responsiveness, earning them the privilege to engage in supervised work activities during the day. These opportunities build skills and facilitate social reintegration, aiding successful reentry into the community.

Some programs allow participants to follow a structured workweek, residing at home during non-working hours. This maintains familial and community ties while fulfilling sentence obligations. Alternative confinement options, like halfway houses or home confinement, may be offered during non-working hours, easing the transition back into civilian life.

Moreover, these programs can serve as a pathway to full-time employment upon release for those nearing the end of their sentences. Job training, vocational support, and potential employment opportunities are provided, equipping participants for successful reintegration into society post-incarceration.

Overall, State Work Release programs play a vital role in promoting rehabilitation, reducing recidivism, and facilitating successful community reintegration for participants. Through supervision, vocational training, and employment opportunities, these initiatives empower individuals to become productive members of society after their sentences.