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Yavapai County Juvenile Detention Facility

County Juvenile

Last Updated: June 21, 2019
1100 Prescott Lakes Parkway, Prescott, AZ 86301

Yavapai County Juvenile Detention Facility is for County Juvenile offenders sentenced up to twelve months.

All prisons and jails have Security or Custody levels depending on the inmate’s classification, sentence, and criminal history. Please review the rules and regulations for County juvenile - low facility.

If you are unsure of your inmate's location, you can search and locate your inmate by typing in their last name, first name or first initial, and/or the offender ID number to get their accurate information immediately Registered Offenders

Satellite View of Yavapai County Juvenile Detention Facility

Yavapai County Juvenile Detention Facility basic information to help guide you through what you can do for your inmate while they are incarcerated. The facility's direct contact number: 928-771-3156

The Yavapai County Juvenile Detention Facility is a medium to low-security detention center located at 1100 Prescott Lakes Parkway Prescott, AZ that is operated locally by the Juvenile Justice Department and holds youths awaiting the determination of punishment for the crimes which they are accused. Most of the adolescents are here for less than two years.

Yavapai County Juvenile Detention School (YCJDS) - Inmate Wellness


The Yavapai County Juvenile Detention School (YCJDS) is a division of the Yavapai County Education Service Agency, providing education services to detained youth in Yavapai County. YCJDS is accredited through AdvancED, and is year-round school that operates Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.

The students are able to achieve academic success while attending the YCJDS, and credits earned are transferable to their home schools and to higher education. YCJDS became an approved GED Testing Site in December 2013. As of January 2018, there have been 93 students who have earned their GED, which has enabled several of the GED recipients to enroll in post-secondary education through Yavapai College. YCJDS continues to proctor online courses for students who are detained and enrolled in Yavapai College courses.

Wellness, Physical Activity, and Nutrition

While staying at the detention center, physical activity is a priority. The juveniles receive a minimum of one hour per day of physical activity throughout their school day. After school, they have the opportunity for additional physical activity and fresh air without leaving their housing unit.

On weekends, there are organized activities such as pickleball, basketball, and volleyball tournaments. Detention officers facilitate team building and life skill activities to help strengthen problem solving techniques.

The Yavapai County Juvenile Justice Center operates its own kitchen seven days per week. The culinary team is responsible for serving three well-balanced meals daily, and after school snacks Monday through Friday, in compliance with the National School Lunch Program (NSLP).

Inmate Locator

Juvenile facilities overseen by Yavapai County do not publish the names of the offenders housed in their facility. As such, there is no public forum for this information.

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Visitation Information

Yavapai County Juvenile Detention Center - Visitation

When a juvenile is detained in the detention center, he or she is immediately put on a level system that rewards positive behavior and addresses negative behavior. Juveniles within the detention center attend school, as provided by the Board of Education, and may participate in therapeutic services and activities that promote positive character growth.

Yavapai County Juvenile Detention School (YCJDS) - Visitation Brochure

Visitation Hours
Wednesdays and Fridays, 6:00 PM-7:00 PM
*Please arrive by 5:45 PM

Weekends and Holidays, 2:00 PM-3:00 PM
*Please arrive by 1:45 PM

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