Zuni Detention Center

Custody/Security Info

Zuni Detention Center is a low-security facility located at 984A NM-53 in Zuni, NM. Most inmates are housed together in dormitories or cubicle housing and two and three man cells. There is a double-fence around the perimeter with thick rows of razor wire. Compared to minimum security facilities, low-security prisons have a higher staff-to-inmate ratio. These facilities are also usually attached to or on the same campus as a larger facility complex or smaller satellite prison.

A low-security facility is operated similarly to medium or high-security jails with controlled movement periods but the inmates are offered a wider range of recreational and vocational opportunities. Many inmates are either first-time low-risk criminals or those who have shown good behavior in the system and have earned the right to be in an environment that provides more freedom.

Low-security prisons also offer strong work and programming skills for inmates to improve their outlook on going back to society and being productive. They are provided with access to programs and training that will help to rehabilitate them so that they are prepared for reentry

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Facility Type

The Bureau of Indian Affairs Division of Corrections protects Indian communities by confining offenders in safe and secure environments in facilities that are humane and cost-efficient. The Division of Corrections maintains effective security and control of its facilities and provides the essential foundation for sound correctional management. The Division of Corrections requires high standards of safety, security, sanitation, and discipline, which promotes a physically and emotionally sound environment for both staff and inmates.