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InmateAid receives letters and emails from members all the time. We post actual, unedited words from real people that have used InmateAid. We are sharing them on the site because we are proud of what people are saying. Share your thoughts, too.

  • Inmate aid is definitely the most responsive group of people. Everyone I have dealt with in the last 2 years has been marvelous! Especially Courtney! She is just so human and real (you know, as opposed to reading me that "scripted" response). I recommend you to everyone in my situation. Thankfully, I don't know many...lol.

    Cynthia S.
  • Thanks for your help. I love this website. I'm glad I have the ability to send pics and letters.

    Brandi M.
  • It's great to know about this service and I will surely use it in the future if needed. Nothing against all of you lol but I hope it's not needed. It certainly has been helpful and everyone is very helpful.

    Gina K.
  • This has been the best customer service I have ever recieved. Bless you

    Madilyn G.
  • Well, Secures strikes again! My special number has been blocked. My wife gets a "this number has been restricted" message when she tries to call. Can you please replace the number? We LOVE the savings, what a fantastic service! Thank you.

    Aileen M.
  • Thank you I appreciate your business and friendly and helpful team. I will definitely use this site whenever necessary. Also will be recommending!

    Bianca G.
  • Thank you so much for the information. I was a bit confused but I understood now. I took care of it thank you again! Your website is amazing!! I am very happy I came across it.

    Katherine O.
  • Oh my gosh, thank you sooo much! Happy Holidays! This service is an absolute blessing! Not sure how else I'd be able to communicate with my boyfriend! Bless you all!

    Ashley F.
  • You guys are awesome. Thank you for the wonderful customer service!

    Diana E.