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NACCC Visitation Center

Community Corrections-State

Last Updated: March 20,2024

Visitation Hours

Visiting hours for NACCC are subject to change, so it's crucial to confirm them by contacting the facility directly by phone. Please reach out to 479-695-3400, on visitation procedures, applications, or directions to the facility in Fayetteville. Please note that visitors will undergo a thorough search before entering the premises, and personal belongings, including cell phones, are strictly prohibited. Individuals under probation, parole, or community corrections supervision must obtain approval from both their supervising officer and the superintendent before visiting, although such visits are not typically approved.

General Visitation Information

Community corrections programs, also referred to as community supervision programs, oversee the majority of adults under correctional supervision, including those on probation or parole. Administered by agencies or courts with enforcement authority, these programs facilitate the transition of individuals back into the community post-incarceration, a process often fraught with challenges such as substance abuse and limited job opportunities. Rehabilitation and reentry support form integral aspects of these programs, aiming to address these hurdles. Corrections officials collaborate with community treatment organizations to tailor supervision and services to individuals' needs, facilitating successful reentry.

Digital technology presents community corrections officials with innovative tools to monitor individuals on probation or parole, aiding in their compliance and progress. Enhanced communication channels between supervisors and offenders are facilitated through smartphone-based video, text, or instant messaging. These technologies strengthen communication lines, enabling efficient supervision and ensuring individuals fulfill their legal obligations.

You must get approval before scheduling a visit, please call 479-695-3400 for detailed instructions.