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Hocking Co Sheriff Visitation Center

County Sheriff

Last Updated: June 12,2024

Visitation Hours

The Hocking Co Sheriff assumes a comprehensive role in law enforcement, encompassing duties such as patrolling, investigating crimes, making arrests, and executing warrants. This division of responsibilities allows the sheriff's team to concentrate on maintaining public safety and effective law enforcement operations, while detention services are outsourced to other jurisdictions due to the absence of a jail on-site.

The Sheriff's Office must coordinate with nearby county jails or regional jails to house their arrestees and you may call 740-753-4060 to get accurate information. This arrangement requires efficient collaboration and communication to transfer detainees to appropriate holding facilities where they can await trial or post bail. Consequently, there is no dedicated location within the sheriff's jurisdiction for visiting detainees, necessitating that family members and legal representatives travel to the external facilities where the arrestees are held.

General Visitation Information

There are no visits at this location, please go to the Southeastern Ohio Regional Jail for visitation rules, scheduling, and times.