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Mobile County - Strickland Youth Center Visitation Center

County Juvenile

Last Updated: May 08,2024

Visitation Hours

Visitation at the county or regional juvenile facility is restricted to immediate family members only, including mothers, fathers, sisters, and brothers. The visitation guidelines are stringent, and it is advisable to contact the facility staff to ascertain specific limitations. For information on visitation schedules, visiting room regulations, and other relevant details about your visit, please contact 251-574-1450. The facility staff will provide comprehensive guidance to ensure a smooth and compliant visitation experience.

General Visitation Information

James T. Strickland Youth Center - Visitation


The James T. Strickland Youth Center is a secure area. All residents’ identities are protected and considered confidential. The visitation policy is strictly enforced.


A. Mother/Father
B. Grandparents
C. Brothers and Sisters, age 18 and older only.
Picture I.D. with birth date required for each visit.
D. Any sibling with a different last name from the resident may require prior approval from the court before being allowed to visit.

Only those with approved visitation will be allowed in the building. The James T. Strickland Youth Center will not serve as a waiting area for unauthorized guests. Please make arrangements at home for the care of young children and others who will not have access to the building.

Visitation hours are:
Tuesdays – 6:00pm to 7:30pm
Saturdays – 9:00am to 11:00am
Residents are limited to 2 visitors for 15 minutes.

All unauthorized packages, purses, smoking materials, pocket knives or other weapons are not allowed in the building. In order to provide better security for residents, parents, and detention staff please be advised that a metal detector is in use at door 1.

Items allowed include the following: 3 pair of socks, 3 pair of underwear, Resident’s medication, 2 books (softback only), 1 Bible (softback only), 3 pictures (no alcohol, gang, drug, nude images allowed), stamps, 1 deck of cards. Female residents are also allowed a perm, and conditioner/shampoo combination.