Reviewed on: October 07,2015

Are inmates at Kirkland allowed to get commissary? Why are inmates deprived of a meal when the cheap razor blades provided don't remove facial hair to the guards liking? Lastly, is it true when inmates DO recieve a meal they are served 2 small meals on the weekend and 3 small meals during the week?

Asked: October 17, 2014
Ask the inmate answer
Inmates are allowed to get commissary. Inmates are NOT deprived of the essential materials required to exist. It is prison, not school. Inmates are served meals that are in compliance with minimum nutritional standards set by licensed nutritionists. We know this is not easy information to deal with as loved ones on the outside suffer as much if not more than the inmate. This  is why InmateAid works for so many people. We can help with the things that WILL make your inmate's time go by faster. Send them photos, send them letters, send them magazines and books, money for the commissary and get a local telephone number to make calling you less expensive.
Accepted Answer Date Created: October 18,2014

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