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How are child pornography offenders treated in prison?

I am about to be taken into custody in a couple of week on Child Pornography charges. I will start out at the local state jail and them transferred to a federal facility. What will my life be like at both facilities? will i be bullied, by inmates and guards? and will my life be made hell?. Also what is the typical term served for a person with no prior convictions, who has complied with enforcement, for this type of crime?.

Asked: February 07, 2016
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If you have not been sentenced yet, you need to discuss guidelines and points with your attorney. There is a basic graph to the lines a judge follows unless you have some aggravation points. Jared from Subway was famous and that fame cost him at least 5 extra years. Federal time is easier to do than state time - our guess is it might be ten years. Most inmates do not talk about their charges, it's almost forbidden. But, there are some inmates who will make it their business to have someone on the outside try and find out other offender's case history. Just keep to yourself, read tons of books and stay silent about everything. Make up a vague charge and only bring it up if 100% necessary. A white collar crime is the easiest. No one needs to know about you, especially until you get yourself into federal where you will feel less threatened. The two most despised inmates are snitches and child molesters. Your situation is third. As you already know, the concept of bullying in prison is that the weak get picked on by the oppressive. These types are not prevalent but they exist and they are hard to identify until it's too late. You must NEVER talk about your case, and of course never ask about another's. Even as you find yourself getting friendly with an inmate, someone you walk the track with, share stories with, etc. Do not let your guard down because this information in the general population will make you a target. You can't trust anyone with this secret. The staff in federal prison will NOT be a problem. We are not as confident for the state prison. If you run into a bad corrections officer, they will tell the bully what your charge is and then it'll be tough on you. If this happens where you cannot defend yourself, you need to go to a lieutenant or captain and check yourself into the SHU - they call it PC or protective custody. You will be in isolation until they transfer you. In federal, they try and group the sex offending inmates to a few FCIs, one is in Tucson AZ, Marianna FL, Forrest City AR and Englewood CO. If you get to go either place you will not have any problems - they offer treatment and counseling.
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