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Reviewed on: November 10,2018

Can u wear jackets into the visiting area at the Illinois department of corrections

Asked: November 07,2018
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The following items are not be allowed in visitation:

            A. Halter or midriff tops
            B. Leggings, jeggings, or other thin spandex/tight or revealing clothing
            C. Swim tops or swimsuits
            D. See-through or revealing clothing such as low cut blouses
            E. Spaghetti straps or thin straps/shirts that allow bra straps to show
            F. Short Skirts (limited to 2" above the knee)
            G. Any clothing with tears or holes in a suggestive area
            H. Short Shorts (limited to 2" above the knee)
            I. Coats, jackets, insulated vests, hats, or scarves not allowed in Visiting Room
            J. Zip up hoodies unless worn with matching sweatpants as an outfit

Visitors may place personal items in small lockers available in the Visiting Center for 25 cents.

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