Reviewed on: November 22,2016

Could my boyfrined be calling someone else and getting other visits?

My boyfriend is at mesa verse detention ice has a hold on him he's been at this facility two months he would call me at first like 3 or more times a day and now its gone down to one call per day and late at night could he be calling someone else and getting visits now that I seem to be less on his mind?

Asked: September 22,2016
Ask the inmate answer

This is a typical behavior of inmates in general. It might be the relationship, or it might just be him - and not that he is seeing or speaking to another woman but oftentimes they get depressed and disconnect from people they love. There is a perception on the inside that the outside world has forgotten us. We would give it a little time, maybe write a letter and address your concerns. He might be feeling helpless and lost, OR he might be having many women contacting him - you know him better than anyone. Trust your instincts.

Accepted Answer Date Created: September 23,2016

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