Reviewed on: November 23,2016

Do sex offender inmates entering prison get raped?

I am now asking this question for the second time I found out someone I know from my past is in prison for 1 count of sexual exploitation and 10 counts of child pornography he was sentenced to 3 years in prison and 3 years extended supervision how much of the 3 years will he serve and as new inmates enter prison is it true most get raped ?

Asked: June 29,2015
Ask the inmate answer

He will serve 85% of his sentence unless there are incident reports that take away the 15% good time credits they get automatically.  It is NOT true that most inmates get raped. It does happen but it depends on where they are doing time, what their profile is (their age and size), and if they are unwise as to how to do their time. Inmates must not put themselves in a position where they can be taken advantage of or manipulated. Predator inmates are masters at taking advantage of new inmates that are unwise or naive.

Accepted Answer Date Created: June 30,2015

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