Reviewed on: March 08,2022

Do you have kids, If so how do they handle you being in jail?

Asked: February 16,2022
Ask the inmate answer

Yes, I have 6. Here is my assessment: There are some factors on the outside that have to work in your favor for an inmate's relationship with their kids to be "normal". If the spouse with custody of the kids supports the inmate emotionally and familiarly, then the kids see the example set that this will all work out. BUT, if the spouse is filling the kid's head with negative stuff about their significant other, then the setting changes 180 degrees. For me, I had a supportive spouse and I made it my priority to remain in their lives, using every single minute of the 300 I had each month on them. I wrote them letters, created games and stories in those letters so we stayed connected. And, my spouse came every week to visit. Today, we all share a very healthy relationship and mutual respect that puts the crime I did on low priority these days. So, I was pretty f-ing lucky

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