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Reviewed on: August 02,2021

Have you ever thought about what you want to do when you get out? and have you ever been in solitary and if so how long?

Asked: April 16,2021
Ask the inmate answer

yes, you think about getting out every day. In the beginning, you are angry at the world and mostly at yourself. Over time, that subsides and you start planning. Then you get into a routine that makes the time go by easier. If you have the ability to set realistic goals and be content in achieving them, then you can have a productive life and live like a citizen not looking over their shoulder all the time.

Solitary - yes but only for a couple of days thank goodness. The best description of that experience that I can give, is every minute is like an hour... it's maddening.

Accepted Answer Date Created: April 17,2021

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