Reviewed on: October 22,2015

Good morning and warm greetings, I just heard a rumor that my friend at USP LEE might be on lockdown until February 2016! We email several times a day, write weekly and call as often as possible, I am devastated by this rumor, he is the world to me and I miss him terribly, also, I worry about him and the psychological and nutritional impact this could have on him. Will he still get all my letters and postcards as I send them, what else can I do to let him know he is constantly thought of and cared for? Thank you for your consideration.

Asked: October 20,2015
Ask the inmate answer
The rumor is unsubstantiated but if we are to consider the news accounts of the incident in July as accurate, the mere fact that this disturbance resulted in a guard getting a broken wrist it is likely that the lock down could last six months or more. You will still be able to communicate through the US Mail (which is our service). They might not have phone or visitation privileges during this time, too. They will be fed three square meals and the company of their cell mates to keep from going too crazy. We always recommend sending magazine subscriptions during the tougher times. The mail always gets through...
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