Reviewed on: April 22,2016

How are a diabetic inmate's shots handled in prison?

My son is to surrender Friday Nov 11, 2015 He is an insulin dependent diabetic that requires 2 types of insulin, one long acting in the morning and another short acting type after he eats. He gives himself the shots. The dose of the long acting is a set dose the other shots after he eats he calculates depending on how much he eats. He also checks his blood sugar during the day to be sure he is taking enough insulin. How can this be handled in prison?

Asked: November 05, 2015
Ask the inmate answer
The prison staff will have his medical issues in his paperwork. He will see the staff nurse daily if necessary to facilitate the administration of the shots and his other medicine relating to his diabetes.
Accepted Answer Date Created: November 06,2015

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