Reviewed on: October 09,2015

My husband is in Tucson Az, He was in Flagstaff Az county jail befor he was sentenced to winchester prison in tucson. He enrolled himself in a drug rehab program called exodus while he was in county jail. He only had 4 days befor he graduated the program and was taken to prison. He basicaly recieved no credit for it at all. They really promote that exodus program to inmates and community saying how great it is and benifits for inmates and credit for extra sentencing reduction. And it is a great program my husband says he got alot of great stuff out of it. My question is: What can we do to get him credit and some time off his sentence for participating in exodus rehab drug program. He had no control over when he would be taken from county jail to state prison and only had 4 days till grduation. He was also a active participant and helped the other inmates during classes, went above and beyond in classroom.

Asked: September 08,2015
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This information needs to be brought to the attention of his counselor and/or case manager at the ASPC. There might not be anything that carries over from county to state prison, but it will definitely put him in a good light with the staff overseeing him now. It might create opportunities otherwise not offered simply because he voluntarily took the Exodus program and showed a willingness to program.
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