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Reviewed on: June 18,2018

How are the living conditions in FPC?

Asked: June 12,2018
Ask the inmate answer

FPC, or Federal Prison Camp would be without question considered the best way to do prison time. There are no fences, no cells, the living arrangements are similar to an army barracks where there are rows of bunk beds and lockers. They share a common bathroom and laundry room. All inmates have are required to have a prison job. Orderlies clean the areas, landscaping the property, some work in recreation, education, the library, the chapel, commissary, the chow hall. None of the work is hard. Some inmates work off the property in the public sector on a military bases. The doors are generally never locked, and usually only one or two COs on duty. The inmates there know that if they screw up, they are going someplace worse than where they are, a lot more like prison than a camp.

Accepted Answer Date Created: June 13,2018

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