Reviewed on: July 30,2017

How soon after a parole hearing will the board make a decision?

my husband has parole review aug. 9 how long does it usually take for decision to be made and if approved how long until hes released?

Asked: July 28,2017
Ask the inmate answer

The Parole Board meets once a month and the decisions are made the same day, usually within an hour from the end of the hearing. If your inmate is granted parole, they are immediately taken into protective custody (PC) for the remaining days or weeks until their release. Inmates are notorious for trying to "jack the parolee's time" by planting contraband or getting into a fight in an effort to delay or cancel the parolee's release. These inmate are jealous - which is we tell anyone that is getting ready to do their time, NEVER tell other inmate's your release date. The ones are are left behind WILL do anything to jack your time.

Accepted Answer Date Created: July 29,2017

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