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The jurisdiction in West Virginia will have to approve the transfer of parolee prior to the end of their period of supervision. Having a stable situation for the former inmate to thrive in is the main importance to the parole people. If he can verify employment and home environment, WV will look upon his odd of success there or in Florida. If he can make the case to them, that being outside their territory would not be a risk, and that...
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The type of drug has nothing to do with the type of violation or the amount of time given. Alcohol can violate someone, too. The worst case is that they have to go back and finish out their original sentence. The judge will have to decide what will happen though, most cases will be a few weeks in county if they are lucky.
The PO would file his complaint/finding to the presiding judge as a "Violation of Probation" and give the reasons for the violation. That is the charge. The judge will have to decide what to do next depending on their findings of facts related to the violation. He might have to sit in county jail for a few weeks or sent back to finish his original sentence.
Parole is only available if the judge stated so in the Judgment and Commitment Order. Normally, two year sentences are not ones with parole attached, but you could call the counselor and ask if there is a possibility of parole.
This depends on the charge. It certainly shows poor judgment violating with one time left... it's almost as if they were doing it on purpose.
Prison is like the movie, "Goundhog Day". Everyday you wake up and it's the exact same thing. The schedule never changes. You are told when to wake, when to sleep, when to eat, where to go and when you can go. You get a real lesson in patience. "Hurry up and wait...". You forget what day it is, what week it is. Your family goes on with their lives and you feel like you've died and you're watching them (you...
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This date is the next available Parole Board Hearing scheduled under the Judgement and Commintment Order. They can only fluctuation backwards (as in a later date, never earlier)
The exact out-date should be on the papers he received. There is normally about a 60 - 120 day lag time from notice to release
There is about a 2 months wait from being granted parole and the actual release. They will come by unannounced to inspect your home (it that is where the released inmate will be living). They are looking for "normalcy". If it looks like the surroundings are free of drugs, weapons, alcohol and crime then they will approve it. If they are uncertain, they will reject it.
We are dubious that there is a parole provision on a one-year sentence but if it is true, then state laws would give him his first hearing in the 3-4 month mark.