Reviewed on: October 07,2015

How will I know if my husband that is in the Lehigh County Prison in Pa well receive my letter through here and are they permitted to do so?

Asked: November 08,2014
Ask the inmate answer
Inmates are allowed to receive mail at EVERY prison, detention center and jail in the United States. InmateAid makes sure that the rules of incoming mail are followed. The letters are printed out and mailed in envelopes with our logo on the outside. There is no marketing material or junk added to your package. If you are sending photos from InmateAid, you can be sure that they are printed on high quality 4"x6" glossy photo paper - printed to the edge. They are accepted by all facilities and perfect for inmates. You've promised to send pictures from holidays and family events but getting to the store to have them developed off of your iPhone is a pain - Inmates love pictures - send them safely through
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