Reviewed on: September 20,2016

My husband is currently serving an 11 and a half month- 23 month sentence in York County Prison, Pa, on a M2 for falsifying documents. He still has like 4 and a half months left. We just received a letter from York County probation, stating he was assessed to be a low risk individual and will report within 30 days for probation through web portal. We also live out of the state of PA. I am not sure how he would report in 30 days considering he is still incarcerated. Does this mean they will be letting him out early? I tried to call and they passed me to a PO officer that I can't seem to reach and keep leaving messages. I guess it could be a mistake but shouldn't they know when he will get released and when he should start reporting? Shouldn't they know he would still have over 4 months of his sentence left? I'm very confused. Can anyone tell me if York County Prison in PA ever lets anyone out early and if this might be what is happening?

Asked: September 19,2016
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The letter means that "when he is released", he is to report to the probation Office (by web portal) within 30 days of that. He will most likely not be released earlier than his out-date. That pretty much never happens. One small bit of advice, please tell him that once is is out, that he cannot take the probation officer lightly. He knows what he can and cannot do, where he can and cannot go... and just lay low.
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