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Reviewed on: August 14,2019

I have a inmate that has a birthday coming up. Besides the obvious, what CAN I send him?

Asked: August 13,2019
Ask the inmate answer

InmateAid has all of the offerings that you could possibly send an inmate in a prison or jail. Since inmates have a lot of time, reading is something you should encourage, even if reading wasn't a big part of their life on the outside. Using this time in such a way that improves their chances of successful reentry into society. We recommend "the obvious" birthday card and magazines, books, pictures of things you want him to dream about, like you :). If you are speaking on the telephone, you might look into saving a ton on inmate calls. So, InmateAid makes it easy to do and keeps you organized at the same time, real "inmate AID".

Accepted Answer Date Created: August 14,2019

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