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Reviewed on: December 23,2017

Is my son safe in prison/jail. I'm so scared for him

Asked: December 09,2017
Ask the inmate answer

Prison/jail is a scary place. The worst part is the boredom, not the violence. Every inmate wants to go home, but they know there is time to be served and the ones that can handle boredom the best, are the ones that survive. The magazines and books inmateAID has on the site are there for your convenience of ordering, but staying in touch with the outside world keeps them focused on what they'll do when released.

Your son will need to follow some simple rules of respect, and if he does his time quietly and respectfully, NOTHING will happen to him. It is the ones that create mayhem from boredom that give this the scary element. He must use his guile and street smarts to avoid the troublemakers (no gambling, no drugs, no cigarettes, no cellphones - avoid rule-breaking and illegal contraband - it'll never end well).

Accepted Answer Date Created: December 10,2017