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Reviewed on: September 24,2018

is there any special way of writing a letter to an inmate, like dos and donts?

My friend is in Wrightsville prison in arkansas.is there any special way of writing a letter to him like specific guide lines I know another friend of mine was in Federal pen. And seams like every time I wrote him it got rejected for one reason or another

Asked: August 31,2018
Ask the inmate answer

The correspondence rules are similar for all detention centers (jails, prisons, penitentiaries), the letters may be and probably are read by the Correctional Officers. Unless this offender is on some mail restriction for things you should already know about (terrorist-type charges), mail is considered sacred and they don't censor much. You cannot speak of business issues like moving money around, buying/selling real estate, stocks or bonds. You cannot speak of escape or anything conveying surveillance of the institution. And you cannot speak of anything remotely criminal. You may speak of the inmate's criminal case, the inmate's defense or appeal. You may speak of current events or things of a relationship-nature. This shouldn't be too hard to follow.

Accepted Answer Date Created: September 01,2018

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