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My wife rushed to marry me before going in, I think she's up to something please help

my wife is in mitchellville her she discharge Sept 20 2015 she got 2 years for a domestic. we just got married the day she got sentencedshe really pushed the issue to get married before she went I wanted to wait til after she got released I think she is lying to me we have been fighting alot she always want me to send her money she said every time that I send her money they always take third of it for restitution or fine is that true do they I think somebody else has been sending her money she always tells me she don't have no money and this is the last phone call that she can make but then she called me a couple days later I really have some trust issues because she wanted to marry me before she went in I don't know what the rush was if there was a hidden agenda and she keeps on telling me that the latest is she's on two-week room confinement is there any possible way to really know how much money she has I think she has been talking to somebody else another guy about a month ago she told me she wanted me to call her friends husband and ask him to send her money but when I call them he did not even really know what his wife's name was so I don't know if that call was really for her and she said it was for her friend is there anyway I can tell if she is going to get out before discharge date she said she put in for an early kick but they denied her sometimes I think she is lying to me man I'm sorry for dumping my garbage all on you I don't even know you but I just want some answers so I would appreciate it whatever insight that you might have please share it than. u

Asked: August 13,2015
Ask the inmate answer
There are a number of things in your post that raise concerns. Rushing to get married is troubling in our eyes and since you don't have along history, she is somewhere where hiding things from you is easy. You cannot find out how much money is on her books, who is on her visitation or calling list. Inmates become professional liars, conning loved ones into sending more and more money. Lots of things go on inside from drugs, to gambling, cigarettes and other vices. You should be relying on your instincts here. If there is suspicion and lack of trust during this ordeal, it's gonna get worse when she gets out. There are thousands and thousands of women out there that will treat you with respect and love you without all this mystery.
Accepted Answer Date Created: August 14,2015

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