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Reviewed on: June 21,2017

Living conditions in a Correctional facility

How are the conditions at Winn Correctional in Louisiana? He said no AC & only state issued clothes, but nothing like tee shirts & shorts. He said he doesn't even get basic toiletries. Is this true or is he exaggerating so I could send him money? TIA

Asked: June 17,2017
Ask the inmate answer

There is a little of both in there. There is no A/C, that is true and the state issued clothing is also true. Depending on how much money he has received on his commissary account will determine what the state will give him in the way of toiletries. The inmates with no money on their book DEFINITELY get the basic supplies. Inmates with money on their books are able to buy their own personal, upgraded brand name hygiene supplies.

Accepted Answer Date Created: June 18,2017

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