Reviewed on: July 19,2017

My inmate got a parole approval, when does he get released?

My boy friend got a letter from parole informing him he has been granted parole under mandatory supervision and it states that he is being released under the highest level of supervision also substance treat/restrictions and then there is also the word "other" his case is marked RMS, it shows his release date to be 9-15-13, very very soon. It doesn't say anywhere on the paper from Board of Pardons and Parole/Texas that he has to be placed into any treatment center or a halfway house, so will he be allowed to come home? Please advise with any information u may have. He is currently in a county jail because he had several bench warrants which he went to court on and they have him time served since this county had a hold on him from the 1st day he went to jail approx 2 yrs ago. He said the normal process before being released is for him to be sent back to Huntsville TDC and then released from there and given a bus voucher to return home but could It be possible he gets released from the county jail he is currently located? Sure Would be far more convenient if that's so but that is why I am asking to see if there is a process to where he must return to TDC custody before he can be released?

Asked: September 08,2013
Ask the inmate answer

There are too many variables in the information provided to give you an reliable answer. Usually, the release statement is what you can rely on and if he has to be in a treatment center, then that is where the bus ticket will take him. In residential treatment, they often times will allow a portion of the time on home confinement but again, there is no way to give you an answer that we would be comfortable telling you is accurate.

Accepted Answer Date Created: September 09,2013

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