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Reviewed on: August 18,2016

My boyfriend is in Terre Haute FCI, I want to go see him badly but I am a felon, I'm not on probation, post sentence release, nothing, but we have had people tell us not to bother with the visitors from cuz they won't approve me to see him. Is this true and why if I have completed all of my obligations...lastly is there anything I can do to get to see him or anyway to get around it.....I miss him so much

Asked: August 18,2016
Ask the inmate answer
The advice you've been given is incorrect. The rule is that they do not allow felons into visitation, but there are exceptions to this rule. You must petition the warden BEFORE filling out an application. You should call the warden's office and speak to the secretary. Ask in the most humber manner possible, to provide you with instructions on how to get permission from the warden to see your boyfriend. During this conversation, make sure to be forthright and honest about your previous issues. Do not leave out anything, they will run a NCIC report and it'll all be there anyway. If your crime was not affiliated to this inmate in anyway, your chances of getting special permission are pretty good.
Accepted Answer Date Created: August 19,2016

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