Reviewed on: January 20,2016

I was just wondering why why on the tdcj inmate search forum when I would check to see if the had made any new changes to it periodically it always had his name ,tdcj # ,convictions ,project release date ect .,and now all the sudden when I checked it yesterday all it has is his name and information that I have put in the boxes such as name ,tdcj# ,ethnicity ,etc, but nothing else, not even his projected release date or anything else. I am very concerned because he is suppose to be getting out on 10/14/14 and I'm hoping he didn't catch another case or something to that effect ..his name is Wesley Sherrod # 01920667..please help me figure this out ..Thanks Sandra

Asked: September 21,2014
Ask the inmate answer
We do not have that information available regarding new charges or changes to the TDCJ inmate locator. You will need to speak with your inmate's counselor or case manager to get the details or go to [Arrest Records]( to get the latest information on the offender.
Accepted Answer Date Created: September 22,2014

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