Reviewed on: April 17,2016

My daughter is Drug Court and was recently sent to the County jail for her 7th violation of probation, for drug use. She was sanctioned and remanded to the County jail for an undetermined amount of time. Apparently, she managed to sneak drugs into the jail and OD'd her very first day there. After an emergency trip to the hospital and brought back to life (yes, it was that close) she was immediately sent back to jail and put in segregation for 30 days. My question? Isn't 30 days segregation a rather stiff penalty for drug use? We have only a little bit of info on what's going on with her, and we think there's more to it. We did hear she's not cooperating with jail officials on how she snuck the drugs into the facility, so they're letting her sit in isolation and think about it. Also, will she face additional charges for sneaking drugs into jail? The Drug Court program she's in seems like a joke, no matter how many times she violates they never expel her. She has a five year suspended prison sentence if she washes out of the program.

Asked: January 12,2016
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First, the 7th violation is going to raise some eyebrows with the court. Someone, somewhere is going to make an example out of her and give her some real time in a real penitentiary. Maybe it is what she needs? Secondly, sneaking drugs into a jail creates a whole new scenario that will be part of the pre-sentence report filed before her ultimate penalty is determined. Introducing contraband is a felony and 30-days in the SHU is not harsh, in fact it sound light to us. By not cooperating, we would not be surprised if that time was extended. Thirdly, our guess is that drug court will wash their hands and a presiding magistrate will decide her path. She will likely have the five year prison sentence enforced (due to the violation and not taking the earlier leniency more seriously). We think there is a chance that the amount of time could be increased at sentencing because of her lack of cooperation coupled with her completely disregarding previous chances afforded her. We are not advocates of incarcerating drug abusers, we think there should be more resources allocated for rehabilitation. Your story is saddened by the heartbreak and helplessness we know you are feeling. We truly wish you the best and hope she comes out the other side clean and sober.
Accepted Answer Date Created: January 13,2016

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