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Daughter a heroine addict with 5 yr suspended sentence - violated probation - what will happen to her?

My daughter was arrested in 2013 on Felony drug and gun charges. She's a heroin addict and was given a 5 year drug court program with a 5 year suspended prison sentence. Just recently she was arrested again for probation violation and she's been expelled from the drug court program and must serve her 5 year prison sentence. At present, she's in limbo in the county jail awaiting transfer to the Edna Mahan Correctional facility in Clinton, N.J. My daughter was never remorseful about what she did and spending several months in the county jail didn't seem to phase her in the least. But now its prison, and although she thinks she's a tough girl, at 120 lbs. she's not that physically imposing. She is a former professional model and very pretty. My question is this: How rough is this facility? Will she be singled out for her looks? Will she be able to get drugs in prison? Will she have to do all five years? She's estranged herself from her entire family, including me, her own choice, and the only help she has on the outside is her drug addict boyfriend.

Asked: May 30,2015
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The county jail system is the worst because there is nothing for the inmates to do. That lack of activity sometimes causes temperatures to boil as personality clashes manifest themselves in this environment. She will have an easier time in the prison environment because it is easier to get into a routine that consumes more of her day. The biggest issue for inmates is keeping their mouth shut and respecting the space and privacy of the other inmates. This is not like what you see on television, but if a personality is one where they have to challenge everything that is said to them and everything is deemed a threat to her - it will be a long bid indeed. Fights break out when there is conflict - if the inmate knows how to navigate the society that exists in prison, she could go the entire time without as much as a single argument, too. Drugs in prison are rampant. They are smuggled through the visiting room and the corrections officers themselves. If she is pretty, there will be a male guard who will trade what he wants for what she wants - if she is so inclined. It will strictly be a quid pro quo deal with no real threat to her other than what the drugs promote.

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Im in philly bucks county want me how long do they have to come