Reviewed on: July 30,2017

My fiance has to 2 strikes, got a long sentence, is eligible for early release

My fiance has 2 strikes got sentence to 11yrs has to do 85% of it. He was charged w/ a felon in possession of a firearm, gang enchantment charge. & prior prison sentence (whatever that means) was wondering if hes eligible for early release if prop 57 gets approved i think its prop 57.

Asked: September 27,2016
Ask the inmate answer

We are not sure that the new early release will benefit offenders that have violence in their case (a gun constitutes violence), sorry to say. The issue with having a prior incarceration is that the judges are harder on repeat offenders. Your fiance has all the elements (repeat, gang, firearm, ex-con) of someone that is not a great candidate for leniency. 

Accepted Answer Date Created: September 28,2016

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