Reviewed on: January 19,2016

How are good time credits calculated on prison sentences?

My husband has been sentenced to a federal prison sentence at the three rivers prison camp in Texas. They said his projected release date would be January 2,2018 with the amount of good time they give each inmate is that time included or is it earned. and if its not included how early do you think he could possibly be released.

Asked: January 18,2016
Ask the inmate answer
For federal sentences, the date posted on the federal website is the release date of record. This date includes the 15% good time credit that is factored in on the day you arrive. The only change to this date happens if you do something unwise (incident reports requiring punishment) where they take days or weeks away from this privilege, OR you have completed the RDAP program, which will affect the out date by up to 12 months OFF the sentence. RDAP gets deducted at a later date when you are approved for the program and are scheduled for enrollment into a class number.
Accepted Answer Date Created: January 19,2016

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