Reviewed on: October 07,2018

my husband just got on a bus 2 days ago from county jail, Broward County Florida to South Florida Reception Center in Miami. When will I receive a pin to send him money for his canteen, and when can we talk again?

Asked: October 07, 2018
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Broward is only a one county from Miami (Dade County). They are separate institutions so the transition will take a few days before phone and visitation privileges are restored.

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I am 95 percent positive I need a neck surgery, have a broken foot, have a tear in my right hip, which caused my broken foot, can I call the my husband's Correctional Officer that he has been assigned and request he serve his time up here in Raiford, closer to me, as I cannot drive that far?
The correctional officer might be able to direct where that request should be made. The reception center will determine where the inmate gets placed based upon his crime, criminal history, length of sentence and if there was violence or weapons involved. The more checked boxes, the higher the security level. The state prison in Raiford is a high-security prison - we do not know anything about your inmate's case but it's a tough prison to "want to go to".
There is also Union Correctional Institution, a medium state prison in Raiford also.