Reviewed on: October 11,2019

My boyfriend is at the IDOC Northern Reception Center. His status is currently reception. Is he able to buy commissary while in reception? And if I add money to Securus, will he be able to make calls?

Asked: October 06,2019
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The Northern Reception and Classification Center (NRC) functions as the major adult male intake and processing unit for the entire state of Illinois. The NRC contains 1,800 beds in 24 housing units. Within the NRC is also the Stateville Minimum Security Unit. Inmates are admitted to the NRC in reception status. They remain in this status until they are transferred to a permanent institution. Privileges and movement are limited at the reception center. There is no set time frame for processing an inmate; the processing varies per inmate. 

Your inmate might get commissary and phone privileges after orientation - we would suggest calling 815-727-3607 to make sure before putting money anywhere.

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