Reviewed on: March 14,2016

My inmate is in the SHU and pending transfer, when will I know where?

My inmate is in the SHU and pending transfer. I havent heard from him in over 3 weeks which is highly unusual. Ive written to him and Ive been calling Coleman 1 for weeks to speak to his counselor but either no one answers or if someone does, they tell me that the counselor isnt in. Is there another way to find out whats going on with him?

Asked: March 14,2016
Ask the inmate answer
Unfortunately the federal Bureau of Prisons does not have to tell the outside public anything that they are doing relating to inmate punishment or transfer. If your inmate is in the SHU, he is allowed one 15-minute phone call per week. He is allowed to receive mail and he is allowed to write. If you have spoken to your inmate's counselor or case manager (or unit team secretary) before that might open the lines of communication, but it is not something they often do. "In the SHU pending transfer" tells us that he is in a disciplinary situation that requires his transfer. Depending on the offense, the staff might not be willing to share the new charges with you. They will rarely let you know where or when he is being transferred for safety-sake.
Accepted Answer Date Created: March 15,2016

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