Reviewed on: March 09,2016

How long may an inmate be held in the SHU?

My fiance got put in the Shu because someone dropped his name & a few guys name saying they were involved an extortion of a another prisoner. He's been put in the Shu pending investigation n transfer to another prison his 60 days were up n went to committee n they said another 60 days cause there still investigating. How long can they keep him in the Shu? It's already been a lil over 4 months

Asked: March 08,2016
Ask the inmate answer
The SHU or Special Housing Unit is the area of segregation that has no time limit. Prison rules are set by and followed only by prison personnel and no other outside forces may weigh in. Inmates are not entitled to attorney representation or other rights afforded by regular citizens. When the BOP states "they are investigating", there nothing an inmate can do. They have to deal with the rigors of the SHU. Our advice is to send him a lot of mail, magazines and books because he is on 24-hour lock-down. He gets two one-hour recreation sessions in a small outdoor cage that allows sunlight. He is allowed only three showers per week, only one 15-minute phone call per week and a sparse list of commissary items. Make no mistake, this is punishment on top of punishment.
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