Reviewed on: June 01,2016

What are the potential penalties for a gun charge with a $1000 bond?

I really do not know where to begin, My boyfriend got arrested Friday for carrying a concealed weapon, possession of marijuana, and drug abuse, but this is his very first time ever being in trouble with the law, he had court today and the judge has dropped 2 charges except the charge of carrying a concealed weapon she said it was a felony 4 and set his bond to 1,000 dollars and said he is to come back to court on June 8 ,2016, could you guys give me a possibility of what might happen?

Asked: June 01,2016
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The gun issue will not be as big a problem if this is a first offense. If there are ANY issues where guns were involved OR if they have a prior felony, this will result in jail time, maybe a sentence as much as five years.
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