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Reviewed on: March 09,2019

What’s the average weekly amount to send an inmate for commissary?

I dont have a clue what anything costs through his commissary. Id imagine there’s a significant upcharge ... approx how much does he need to get started (week one) & what’s the average weekly amount that will help him be more comfortable?

Asked: March 05,2019
Ask the inmate answer

The commissary lists vary from facility to facility. If you look at this COMMISSARY LIST from a BOP facility, you can see that the prices are not that out of line from a store you'd shop in on the outside. The average weekly amount should never exceed what you can afford. The inmates can survive without extras from the commissary, however, it is really great if you are able to add money and it will definitely help him be more comfortable. We recommend $50-75 per week if that is not causing a strain on your budget to live. 

Accepted Answer Date Created: March 06,2019

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